Just Lovely

Colac home giftware

Beautiful giftware for homes from Geelong to Warrnambool

Just Lovely in Colac specialises in luxurious home fragrances and accessories for everyday pampering.

Our selection of poured candles, room sprays, oils and aromatic diffusers can delicately scent your entire home. With so many scents to choose from including the warm and rich woody scent of sandalwood, fruity, ripe and invigorating pears and plums or the elegant romantic floral scent of roses and jasmine it is hard to have a favourite.

The Just Lovely range includes popular names such as Castelbel, Sophie Conran, Sprout and Thurlby Herb Farm.

Our range of stunning home fragrances is a great gift for someone special. Another gift idea is our selection of garden tools in pretty patterns and bright colours which will inspire anyone to go out in the garden.

For more gift ideas Just Lovely has beautiful body and bath items including body scrubs and hand cream as well as comfortable feminine lingerie.

Just Lovely is based in Colac, but shoppers from across Victoria, including Geelong, Warrnambool and the Western District, have been delighted with our extensive range of giftware and have found the perfect gift to pamper their loved ones.


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