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Need to shape up in a hurry?

September 3 2013

You can feel spring in the air. If you have ventured into the stores of late you will have noticed all the floaty floral and zesty bright dresses are well and truly in full bloom. And that can mean only this, Spring Races and Party season is upon us.

I love this time of year. The Spring races are an opportunity to shake off the winter blues, get gussied up and wear something extravagant for the fun of it. What’s not to love!?

And what is every woman’s secret weapon and best friend on such an occasion? Shape wear! Yes, shape wear. It really is that simple. After Winter months spent hibernating indoors and avoiding the gym ( who’s with me? I know l have!) nobody wants to notice any extra curves staring back at them from the change room mirror. Shape wear provides the perfect base for a fabulous dress and gives you curves in all the right places.

My first shape wear slip cost me $30. Nothing fancy, a simple tank style slip that l purchased after a rather memorable party outfit disaster, oh how l wished l could destroy all those photos. Shape wear changed my fashion life. It smoothed out the dreaded VPL (visible panty line), every woman’s nightmare right, and it made me feel a million bucks. My dresses no longer clung to my hips but skimmed over them and gave me the confidence of a Victoria’s Secret model.

Don’t be quick to judge thinking the figure hugging underwear is going to be uncomfortable. Sure when you first shimmy your way into the garment you notice the firm fabric clinging to your body but give it a chance, after moments you will love the way it hugs you in all the right places, l have never felt more supported in an outfit. I love the way it feels and also the added boost it provides, my bust does not go unnoticed!

So this Party Season put your best foot forward and embrace the curve embracing shape wear revolution, Just Lovely has an option for every lady and occasion!