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Just Lovely FAQs

Can you help me as I find it is too difficult to bring my elderly relative in store to select sleepwear?

With our aging community in mind, we offer an approval service in store with both our sleepwear and lingerie, allowing you to take the garments for their approval to be sure they meet your loved ones’ needs.

How frequently should I wash my new bra? And can I machine-wash it?

You should only wear your bra for two days then wash it, as the oils from your body can break down the elastin. A gentle hand-wash is recommended. If you insist on machine-washing make sure you use a wash bag on a cold gentle cycle. Never tumble dry.

Why do I need to be re-fitted if I already know my bra size?

Finding the right bra size and style is our job at Just Lovely. However it’s important to be fitted when you buy a new bra as hormones, weight loss and gain can all affect your bra size and different bra styles will fit differently.

Can I continue to wear an underwire bra while pregnant?

Around three to four months pregnant you will notice a change in your bust. This is when we recommend you stop wearing an underwire bra as it can place pressure on milk ducts and soft tissue, potentially blocking milk flow and leading to nasty infections. Traditional bras also don’t have the room for the diaphragm to grow during pregnancy. Increase in weight and size of the breast during pregnancy causesskin to stretch and the breast to drop. This is why it is important to be fitted for your maternity bra.

Can Just Lovely still help with bra fitting and advice after breast surgery?

After breast surgery, women have special needs. Just Lovely has professionally trained staff to help you with professional advice and a personalised fitting. We can help with mastectomy bra inserts to restore confidence and feminine contours.