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Cork Alignment Yoga Mats in Colac

August 21 2020

If you’re on the road to discovering the joys of yoga (all those asanas), you’ll love using an all-natural cork alignment yoga mat.  Ever wondered where to put your hands and feet for downward dog, plank, or warrior? I Am That yoga mats are marked with alignment guides that help you to focus on your own adjustments needed in the poses. [These mats are SOLD OUT]

We love the way the cork feels under our feet, comfortable and natural. You don’t worry about your feet slipping and sliding during poses. What’s more, the weightiness of the mat ensures complete flatness, immediately after unrolling. Naturally antibacterial and made with 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials, we’re cork mat converts.


woman on yoga mat

Cork Alignment Yoga Mat

Features and benefits of a cork alignment mat:

  • Excellent grip especially when wet
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly and recycled materials
  • Durable, quality finishes
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Easy to clean
  • Marked with alignment guides for your poses

Frequently asked questions:

How long do the mats last?
The mats are extremely durable. I Am That – Yoga uses them commercially in their Hot Yoga studio in Collingwood. The mats are used 7 times a day, 7 days a week, rolled, unrolled, hung, and scrubbed down every day. The studio has been open since February 2018 and not a single mat has had to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Can they be rolled up when wet?
Yes. Cork does not rot or pick up bad smells so they can be wiped and rolled upstraight away.

Can I use other essential oils on them?
I Am That – Yoga has trialled and tested the following oils and solutions on the mats:
– Tea Tree Oil
– Lemon Oil
– Vinegar

Are the mats good for hot yoga?
These mats have been rated the best Yoga mats for heated practices. The more you sweat, the grip pier you become.

Do I need a towel on them?
Nope. The grippiness and cleanliness of the mat does away with the need for annoying towels. If you are a heavy sweater we recommend using a face towel to towel off to avoid excess sweat.

What are the numbers and lines for?
The lines are the alignment guides that help you naturally come into alignment on your own. While we often feel ‘aligned’ it is hard to tell when we are in pose and when the teacher comes around to adjust us, our practice changes. These lines help you achieve the same thing without the need for a teacher to do that for you. It becomes intuitive and you get to focus on all the other things that matter more. Breathing, balancing, and simply letting go. The numbers are merely a way to show and explains the alignment guides on the packaging. After 2 or 3 practices the numbers become irrelevant.

Will they crumble or tear like other Yoga mats?
No. They are used commercially at the I Am Yoga studio and not a single mat has torn or crumbled when used normally (without shoes, out of the elements, for Yoga or Pilates or exercise). These mats are very sturdy.

Can I put them in the washing machine?
NO!! But you don’t need to. Just wipe your anti-bacterial mat down and you are good to go.

Luxury mat size:

L: 183cm  W: 60cm  T: 5mm