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What’s your fragrance?

September 4 2020

Find your fragrance in Colac

Sweet, musky, spicy? So, just how do you know what your fragrance is? Most people know what fragrances they don’t like, but it can be so hard to describe which scents suit and why. In so many ways, perfumes and fragrances tell stories about who we are. As a self-professed romantic, I adore Lily. I love the way it sits in clumps at the bottom of the garden, randomly clustered around and perfuming the morning air. Whenever I wear this fragrance, I feel feminine and pretty.

When I started searching for a new line of perfumes for the shop, I took a chance on Carthusia, perfumes and fragrances from the Isle of Capri. The Italian island of dreams, Capri has been an enchanting oasis since Roman times. Its natural beauty, sunny climate and innate glamour are legendary. Talk about a brand with a story, Carthusia perfume formulas began in a 14th century island monastery. Previously forgotten perfume recipes were first revised and updated in the 1950s, allowing for limited productions that uphold craft and artistry developed by the Carthusian monks. Bottling the beauty and allure of Capri seems an impossible task, but Carthusia manages with effortless grace.


Life at the sea: The scent of Capri by Silvio Ruocco.


Just Lovely shop favourites:

Fiori d Capri

Romantic, sweet, and fresh, a nose for lily lead me directly to Fiori di Capri, a glorious combination of lily of the valley, oak, and sandalwood. Violet and bergamot mix with hyacinth, grey amber, creating a layered, complex scent of floral blossoms in the spring.



Capri Forget Me Not

This vibrant, illuminating Carthusia Eau de Parfum marries the fresh perfume of citrus groves found on the blue island of Capri with the intensity of the wild fig tree. Capri Forget Me Not is then blended with notes of davana, peach, mint and vanilla to make it altogether unforgettable



Terra Mia

An alluring mix of spices and aromas, Terra Mia combines the sweetness of coffee with hazelnut, vanilla, neroli and pink pepper. Neapolitan artist Lello Esposito created and designed for Carthusia an exclusive Pulcinella that gives to the packaging and to the communication of this newborn original fragrance a new face.



Some handy tips about the differences between perfume and eau de toilette:

  • Parfum: or Perfume is formulated with a very high percentage of essential oils (range from 25 to 30%*) This is the type of fragrance that lasts longest onto the skin. Only a few drops are necessary, since a single application can last up to 24 hours. The base notes are highly concentrated. Parfum is typically expensive based upon the content of essential oils
  • Eau de Toilette: a lower concentrated amount of essential oils (12-15%), the fragrance is lighter and lasts a shorter amount of time on the skin. Spray application is often used to spread the fragrance, rather than drops.
  • Eau de Cologne or scented water: the presence of essential oils drops to 3-5%*. This type of formulation is often used for body rub, and is suitable for those who prefer a light presence of fragrance.