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Australian made heat therapies to ease the body and mind.

July 13 2021

Soreness and winter fatigue? Heat therapy help for the season.

Help chase away those seasonal blues through gentle heat applicators that sooth the body and mind. Heat therapy, also called thermotherapy, works by increasing blood flow to areas of the body through the application of direct heat to an affected area. Elevated temperatures then help to soothe discomfort, increase flexibility and reduce stiffness of joints.

Heat therapies are generally divided into two categories: moist heat and dry eat. A warm bath is the most common example of a moist heat therapy.  Bathing, and the ritual of bathing, has spanned history and the globe. At its essence, bathing in warm water opens up pores and cleanses your skin from the inside out, leaving your skin soft, supple, and clean. Aside from removing toxins and other impurities from the skin, bathing relaxes the muscles of the mind and body. A natural, restorative remedy to the stresses of life, the simple act of bathing can work wonders. Try a steam bath with essential oils or a soak with salts to ease joint stiffness and promote circulation.

An alternative to whole body moist heat therapy, like a bath, is dry heat therapy. Examples of this type of treatment include, heating pads, heat pillows, and heat lamps, among others. These types of treatments target more specific areas on the body. Applying a heat pillow to a sore muscle can be an effective method of easing pain. Heat therapy can be good for relieving soreness after exercise or when feeling tired and fatigued.

Did you know that many of our heat therapies are Australian Made? We stock products by independent labels Salus, Tonic, and Murphy’s Daughters. Whether its salt from the Murray River or the barley from Mildura, each of these companies strive to create beautiful products that serve customers and community equally. Explore more of these ranges in store.