Just Lovely

Women from Warrnambool to Geelong are coming to Just Lovely Colac to help with their personal wellbeing.

July 6 2017

Three generations of women in the home

As a woman we know life can be tough!  Be it that very first experience of getting a bra, being embarrassed and not knowing where to start. What size do l need, what style do l choose. What will be the right one for me? And I know I said it before, oh the embarrassment!

Dealing with one of the many changes to your body, and as women we have lots of them! Your first pregnancy, successive pregnancies!  Swelling tummy, breasts, and the need to feel comfortable. When should l buy my first maternity bra?

To the realisation I’m getting older,  my body is changing,  l now suffer night sweats and my bust is not where it used to be, or the stressful diagnosis of breast cancer. Beginning that new exercise program.  Do I need a sports bra?

At Just Lovely we are here to help give you the answers to make your journey a little easier. We are discreet and sensitive to all the issues that we women may need to go through. Call in for a chat at Just Lovely, Colac and let us help with your well being.