Just Lovely

Shaping up in Geelong, Colac and Warrnambool with Shapewear from Just Lovely.

June 27 2017

We believe all women are beautiful but some clothing can do with a little help. If that new outfit is not doing the right thing bring it in and we can help with the right shapewear choices to make sure that fabric slide over those special spots.

Shopping for a special outfit or just need a wardrobe makeover?

When planning on going shopping for new clothes we recommend you go in a well-fitting bra and a good pair of panties that give a smooth line. This is a great self-esteem booster when out shopping. Trying on clothes over poorly fitting undergarments does nothing for you shopping self-esteem. It just makes you want to pack up and head straight home, and we can’t have that!

Beware of the shop assistant who can try and sell you something not suitable for your bust size. If you have a full bust and would never feel comfortable with out a bra make sure the bodice of your purchase can have a bra worn under it. If unsure we are only a phone call away or you may be able to purchase on approval and we can make sure you have the perfect outcome for your outfit.
Meet your new best friend – body suits, figure shapewear, high waist panties that keeps your curves in place and all eyes where they should be…..on you! Plus size shapewear keeps your fabulous voluptuous figure beautifully smooth and looking extra hot, giving you confidence to shine.

Biggest mistake with making a shape wear  purchase is buying something to small thinking it will pull you in more. We need to make sure your body is smoothed and not squished!

Slinky dresses, booty hugging jeans and form-fitted tops there is an item of shapewear for you at Just Lovely Colac!

Conturelle by Felina, Spring/Summer 2017