Just Lovely

New Year, New Shop, New Bra

January 28 2019

Welcome 2019! If you haven’t been to our newly expanded shop on 135 Murray Street, please do. Whether you live in Geelong, Colac, Warnambool, or elsewhere in the Western District, Just Lovely has fantastic new lingerie to cover every body. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, with different needs and desires, and we offer a distinctive range of lingerie that suits everyone. We are corsetieres – bra fitting and selection specialists, and we offer a range of beautiful lingerie, sleepwear, shape-wear, and hosiery. Our trained staff of fitters is here to help make your experience of finding and fitting a new bra as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We supply high-quality products in a variety of sizes with cups ranging from A-J. That said: you’re right size is not the number or letter on the manufacturer’s label, it is the one that fits you best.

Summer is here, it’s the time of year when we look for lighter colors and cooler fabrics to keep us comfortable. Think bright whites, pale pinks, and soft beige tones.

The days urge us to get out, stay active and enjoy all that these long, sunny days have to offer. Whether it’s toiling in the garden, flexing our yoga muscles, walking with friends or running with the wind at our backs, Just Lovely will help you find the right sports bra for you.

Heading back to school? We’ll get you sorted. Whether you need strapless, underwire, or want to go wire-free, we’ll help you find the support you need.