Just Lovely

Family from Warrnambool discovers great fitting lingerie

February 1 2019

On a recent trip from Warrnambool, the Smith family found the perfect lingerie for three ladies in the family at Just Lovely. Thirteen year-old Sophie is just about to begin year 7, she faces the excitement and anticipation of so much change. The time has come to ditch the fashionably fun summer crop tops for a first real bra. (This can be a daunting event for everyone involved.) Our staff encouraged Sophie to look at the variety of bras, and when she felt ready, we took her measurements, and showed her how to put on a bra properly. Sophie chose a pretty pink wire-free bra and is brimming with confidence. Sophie’s fifteen year-old sister Olivia loves school, netball, and riding horses. Having outgrown her first bras, the time had come to re-fit Olivia. Our staff spent time speaking to Olivia about how her body had changed, and the importance of finding a supportive underwire bra that suited her. We remeasured Olivia, and helped her find everyday t-shirt bras for school and high-impact sports bras. With the girls sorted, it was on to mum. Carolyn is off to a fundraising dinner in two weeks’ time. With a fantastic off-the-shoulder dress in hand, she needed a great-fitting strapless bra and discrete shape wear. Whilst the girls were trying a few of the hand cremes, mum had a look at the mature sleepwear and lingerie for Nan. With a quick look through the nightgowns and robes, mum decided a return trip with nan is in order.