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How to buy the right sports bra

March 22 2019

How to buy the right sports bra:

Buying bras is always a tricky business, and Just Lovely is here to help. In the past few years, we have seen a large increase in demand for sports bras. You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a sports bra and why do I need one? Isn’t my everyday bra good enough?  Sports, athletics, exercise, or performance bras as they may be known, are specially designed with structured cups to support the breast during physical activity. Sports bras help to improve posture and reduce pain and strain during physical activity.  Some types of exercise can impact our bodies more than others, and this is especially true with our breasts. Excessive movement without proper support can cause major discomfort, which can create both physical and mental barriers to participating in exercise.

Still reading? Right, so, now that you have more than a sound bite to help you decide you need one, what’s the next step? There are only hundreds of bras to choose from! Despite all that volume out there, sports bras tend to fall into two main styles: encapsulated and compression. Huh?  Let’s explain.

Encapsulated bras:

This type of bra generally speaking has two separate often underwired cups and gives better support for fuller busts.

Compression bras:

This type of bra works by pressing the breasts to the chest and tends to be better for smaller busts. Compression bras can also act as a binder or chest minimizer, if needed.

So what type of bra should I buy?

The type of bra you will need depends on you and the types of activities you do. First, and foremost, plan to get fitted for sports bra. These types of bras are made with slightly different materials than your everyday bras, and are likely to be a different fit to the one you walked into the shop wearing.  Next, be honest and tell your fitter what exercise you do, or plan to do. This will help the fitter determine to the appropriate options.

Pop in, get fitted, and get going!