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Sleepwear for women from Warrnambool and Geelong at Just Lovely Colac.

August 5 2017

Mature Sleep Wear Do you often find all the sleepwear available is made with young people in mind? Are you tired of all the synthetic fabrics, loud bold animal prints, it’s skimpy and doesn’t cover what you would like? You can have elegant beautiful sleepwear and not have to sacrifice comfort and practicality. For ladies…

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Women from Warrnambool to Geelong are coming to Just Lovely Colac to help with their personal wellbeing.

July 6 2017

As a woman we know life can be tough!  Be it that very first experience of getting a bra, being embarrassed and not knowing where to start. What size do l need, what style do l choose. What will be the right one for me? And I know I said it before, oh the embarrassment!…

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Shaping up in Geelong, Colac and Warrnambool with Shapewear from Just Lovely.

June 27 2017

We believe all women are beautiful but some clothing can do with a little help. If that new outfit is not doing the right thing bring it in and we can help with the right shapewear choices to make sure that fabric slide over those special spots. Shopping for a special outfit or just need…

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Girls from Geelong, Colac and to Warrnambool are getting their first bra at Just Lovely

May 20 2017

Remember the day you got your first real bra … didn’t have a clue as to what all the numbers and letters meant, was mortified; standing in the fitting room with your mother evicted to the other side of the curtain, you thought you might survive the experience until Mum yelled out “Don’t forget to…

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Women deal with menopause from Geelong to Warrnambool wearing sleepwear from Just Lovely

April 6 2017

Menopause We are proud to carry the Eaden sleepwear range and a thrilled to be of support to women experiencing night sweats. Eaden Sleepwear for women has been created with one purpose in mind – to give women a good night’s sleep.  All Eaden ladies sleepwear is made from a beautiful, feminine yet super soft…

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Women from Geelong to Warrnambool are finding the perfect sports bra at Just Lovely Colac.

March 20 2017

Bouncing is fun, just not for your breasts! Making sure you are wearing a perfectly fitted sports bra is only part of the task. The activities you undertake make a difference to the bra you need to be wearing. Just Lovely Colac are very confident our sports bra selections from Triumph and Berlei using their…

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How to re-purpose your candle gift ware from Just Lovely Colac.

January 1 2017

If you have been fortunate to receive a Voluspa candle from our gift ware range at Just Lovely, you would appreciate not only the stunning fragrance, but the beautiful container.  None are more stunning than the Voluspa jars. After many hours of enjoying the special ambience only a Voluspa candle can make, you are left…

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Voluspa Home Fragrance gift ware, now sold at Just Lovely Colac..

November 21 2016

We are so excited about the stunning collection of Voluspa candles that have joined our gift ware range at Just Lovely, Colac. Traci and Troy Arntsen are the people who are the brand. I would like to tell you a little about their story. It is very important to us that our suppliers have a…

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Vouchers for Just Lovely’s Colac giftware range

October 3 2016

At Just Lovely we take exceptional pride in our extensive range of beautiful products designed to enhance femininity, and the exclusive range of giftware we offer our Colac and district clientele to complement our lingerie and sleepwear. But while we’re proud of our expansive range, we also acknowledge that even with so much to choose from it can still…

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Free Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Primer treatments at Just Lovely Colac

September 27 2016

THE HAND PRIMER BEAUTY PROTECTION SYSTEM Crabree & Evelyn are dedicated to producing products that transform everyday rituals into extraordinary, pleasurable experiences that create a moment of self-indulgence for the user, and Just Lovely takes great pleasure in providing the benefits of Crabtree & Evelyn products to Colac and district. Like your face, your hands are…

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